Morphy, Carol (nee Starks)

Philco Radio

Philco Radio

Philco Radio


Radio belonged to Arvin Stark, who was married to Rosemary Decker. It was used at the family cabin in Blackwater. It was donated by Carol Morphy (nee Stark) who remembers falling asleep at the cabin listening to it. Radio is made of wood. There is a lot of wiring in the back of the radio. There are two plastic nobs on the front. It is in good condition except for some peeling wood in places. Maker's mark "Philco" visible on front middle of the radio. ID number number is still visible, located on a medal piece inside the back of the radio: 36-1447-3. After further research, it is model number 40-95T. The model used four tubes and only received the AM band. The original selling price was $24.95.


radio, music


Morphy, Carol (nee Starks)

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New building board room shelf


43 cm L X 24.5 cm W X 23 cm H

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