Jansen, John

Bullet Casings

Bullet Casings

Bullet Casings


Four Shell Casings. The two larger ones are not rusted. The initials on the bottom of one is "D C Co. 44-40" on the other it reads "w-w 30 carbine". It's a skinny shell casing compared to the others. Two of the casings are very small and rusted. On the bottom of one of the little ones are the initials "D.C. Co." Items c)-d) are the same size.


bullet, Hunting


Jansen, John

Date of Object:

ca. 1930-1950

Accession #:



a) .5 cm Dia., 3 cm H, b) 1 cm Dia., 3 cm H, c) 5 cm Dia., 1.5 cm H, d) 5 cm Dia., 1.5 cm H

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