Gimse, Marjory

women's drawers (2)

women's drawers (2)

women's drawers (2)


These woman's drawers are stitched by machine and are made of fine white cotton. The 15 cm at the bottom is lace trimmed and gathered. The garment is gathered into a waistband 3.5 cm wide. There are plackets at the sides 26 cm in length and fastened to a button at the waist on each side. F99 is inked on the waistband. The lace has a few holes in it but the rest of the garment is in good condition. Current condition is good because there are no issues that effect the overall structure of the item. However, the back of the item is severely stained with an oily/rusty looking stains. The front of the item is also stained but the stains are much less noticeable than the back. It was owned by Mrs. Geoffrey Downton.


clothing, textiles


Gimse, Marjory (Mrs. Gunnar) (nee Downton)

Date of Object:

ca. 1900- 1940's

Accession #:



New building upstairs






55 cm L x 38 cm W -- Width measurement taken at the waist.

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