Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Small Camera and Case

Small Camera and Case

Small Camera and Case


This is a small camera and case. Camera is brown with a metal case, single lens, few adjustments. One corner is damaged. Inscription reads "Baby Ruby", no serial number. Remote control accessory in hand sewn leather case. Case and camera and accessory very much used and neglected. History: in the 1930's Mr. Fougberg carried this camera in the mountains when he was trapping and prospecting. He made the case from buckskin. [see 013.21.61].


camera, photography equipment


Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Date of Object:

ca. 1930

Accession #:



a) 9.5 cm L x 4 cm W x 7.5 cm H

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