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The John Arn Cabin Construction Progress

The John Arn Cabin Construction Progress Update

Work continues on the John Arn Cabin and the sage crew of Ian McLeod and Dwayne Dick have managed to save a top log by replacing a tendon with new material.  A hand whittled dowel that was used to fasten the logs together was salvaged by Ian and given to the Curator for safekeeping.  

The museum is grateful for the neighbourhood's patience as we work through successive heat waves. There have been some earlier starts in the work to escape the heat of the day. Many thanks to our funders; the Government of Canada, The Province of BC, Heritage BC, SLRD, VOP, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, Pemberton Women's Institute, and to the citizens of Pemberton & District.

Check out a short video update HERE!!

 John Arn construction

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