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Introducing Teresa Smith Returning Museum Sprv

Introducing Teresa Smith Returning Museum Supervisor

After spending 2020 tucked safely away, Teresa has returned to the Museum in her role of Museum Supervisor. Having the opportunity to upgrade her education she returns to us with a collection of University of Victoria parchments. She is looking forward to the re-engagement with the community and the new museum programming that will come with the “new” Pemberton Station School and John Arn Cabin.

The museum is fortunate to have Teresa return after the past year and a half in school with other museum professionals who are all trying to navigate COVID protocols. She will be a tremendous asset to the museum this season.  The board and staff of the museum extend heartfelt congratulations to her on her graduation from the Cultural Resource Management, Collections Management, and Visitor and Community Engagement Programs and the high grades received for her efforts.

Teresa has a rare talent of finding the fun in history and her passion for local history is an inspiration to everyone who has worked with her.  She also has a great ability to coordinate school groups and to create a fun and safe experience for children visiting the site. (Photo from our 2019 program.)