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Flyback Friday Mayor Shirley Henry - Town Development 1970s

Mayor Shirley Henry 2009 - Pemberton Town Development 1970s

Welcome to Flyback Fridays - a glimpse into Pemberton’s past!  This season we will bring you stories and videos from Tea & Tales and our video archives over the last decade that highlight Pioneer life and the resiliency of early settlers and First Nations.  We will also share videos and stories that show how local residents have responded to emergencies and challenges in the past, illustrating the power of community ties through all kinds of difficulties – yesterday and today.

This week we feature Mayor Shirley Henry who talks about Pemberton's development from 1970 -1980 in this short version of her presentation about Pemberton town development from 1956-2006. Shirley was the first female mayor sworn in at the Village of Pemberton and she was the 12th mayor to serve. She served the town of Pemberton for fifteen years as Mayor and also served as a Councillor from 1975-1978. Shirley believed in the importance of the community memory and her notes from this presentation were an important addition to the community archives.  Watch it here.

See Shirley's notes here.

Thanks to all who followed our Flyback Fridays program in 2020.  Special thanks to Kaitlyn Pierre who edited most of these videos and Canada Summer Jobs for the job opportunity.  You can see all of the Flyback Friday videos on our You Tube channel on the Flyback Fridays 2020 playlist.