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Flyback Friday Finale

Flyback Friday Finale

Welcome to the final Flyback Friday - a glimpse into Pemberton’s past! We take a look back to the first days of our town through the lens of historic photos and videos compiled for your viewing pleasure.  Take a historic walk along Frontier, Aster, Birch and Prospect Streets with us. 

See historic images and video clips of downtown Pemberton B.C. from 1920 to 2019. You can find all of the historic images and videos on our website - just search using the accession number. You can find the videos in the General Videos section of the website. If you have more information or images of Downtown Pemberton to add to the collection please contact us through the museum website.

Thanks for following #Flyback Fridays this summer and special thanks to Teresa Smith for putting all of the Google Street Views together.  You can see all of them on our Blog page or search Facebook for #Flyback Fridays.

Watch video - Pemberton Downtown History 1920-2019

P614 Pemhotelandwellington 1925