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Tea & Tales Historic Artists Rene Ronayne, Pat Wilson, Marjory Gimse Aug 20th 2019

Tea & Tales Historic Artists – Rene Ronayne, Pat Wilson, Marjory Gimse Aug 20th 2019

This past Tuesday the museum held it's seventh and final Tea and Tale for the season.  The theme for the program this year is Local Art: Past & Present.

The museum supervisor Teresa Smith gave the presentation as we highlighted – Pat Wilson, Rene Ronayne and Marjory Gimse Historic Artists in Pemberton.

So what is Art?  Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, and includes the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

Why is Art is important?  Art reflects and informs the culture from which it emerges.  Art created reflects a time and a place and the values and beliefs of that place.  Art can be considered a mirror that is held up to inspire reflection on what is…, and what was.  Art can communicate thoughts and ideas across generations.

In the past, local art wasn't the exception, it was the reality. Communicating and growing beyond local borders was largely impossible. Today we can communicate with nearly anyone, anywhere. However it is Local Art that gives a community meaning and a sense of place and so it remains an important aspect of any community.  Integrating the arts more fully into our lives enriches each of us because engaging in the arts brings individuals together, and it fosters community.

These local artists captured the nature of Pemberton & District through their artistic pursuits and their love of the area shines through.

If you missed the presentation you can Watch It Here.

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