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Tea & Tales: Eric Andersen July 23rd 2019

Tea & Tales: Eric Andersen July 23rd 2019

This past Tuesday the museum held it's third Tea and Tale. Eric Andersen's presentation about Modern Artists discovery of the Sea to Sky and Emily Carr's trip by rail through the area.  The theme for the program this year is Local Art: Past & Present. 

Why is Art is important?  Art reflects and informs the culture from which it emerges.  Art created reflects a time and a place and the values and beliefs of that place.  Art can be considered a mirror that is held up to inspire reflection on what is…and what was.

In the past, local art wasn't the exception, it was the reality. Communicating and growing beyond local borders was largely impossible. However it is Local Art that gives a community meaning and a sense of place and so it remains an important aspect of any community

Sometimes a place becomes famed by the work of a well known artist and what is considered Local becomes world renowned.  Tom Thomson’s ‘Jack Pine’ painting, one of the most recognizable Canadian artworks, was originally sketched by Tom while hunting and fishing in Alqonquin Park in Ontario.  The painting is considered an iconic image of the country's landscape, and is one of the country's most widely recognized and reproduced artworks.  Before Tom painted this image in 1917, few people had heard of Algonquin Park, today it sees over 2 million visitors.  Emily Carr’s trips through the Sea to Sky in the 1930s had a similar impact.  Her interpretations of the mountain landscape have made certain scenes in the region iconic – towering mountains, First Nation churches, villages and totems, deep forests, and stormy seascapes.  Emily forever changed how we see the place we call home.

Eric is a local historian with Squamish and Scandanavian roots.  He is involved with the Sea to Sky Forestry society who celebrate Squamish’s rich forest and lumbering history.  He is also a Councillor for the District of Squamish.

Eric is no stranger to the Pemberton Museum and has given us some wonderful presentations through the years.  Eric had other commitments on Tuesday this week so dropped by on Sunday so we could film his tale.

If you missed the tea and want to catch up on the tale you can WATCH IT HERE.

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