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Schoolhouse Stomp 2019!

Schoolhouse Stomp 2019!

The museum held a fundraiser on Saturday June 22nd and whether you were dancing or working at the event, a very good time was had by all. It was a beautiful evening, with enough wind to keep the mosquitos at bay. The music was great, the beer was cold, and the dinner was oh so good! 

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              The museum would like to thank the following sponsors of the event. Thanks to Pemberton Valley Supermarket for the food donation. Thanks to the Beer Farmer’s for providing the libations and donating the keg. Thanks to all who donated prizes to the Long Arm draw including: Cora Menzel, Fran Cuthbert, Helmer’s Organic Farm, Meg Gallup, Pat Williams, Betty Mercer, and special thanks to the Frontier Street Pharmacy for the door prize. Betty Mercer volunteered the catering service and these awesome dinners have been her little miracles every time the museum has a fundraiser. Thanks to Betty for always going above and beyond, even when we try to simplify the menu. Thanks to the bakers—Carmen Praine, Judy McNolty, Niki Madigan, Carol Morphy, and everyone who brought a special treat for the dessert table. Thanks to everyone who attended the event. Every dollar raised will be used in the matching grant application next month.

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The Long Arm Draw was a great success, thanks to everyone who bought a long arm of tickets and special thanks to Shawn Wallace who ran the draw for us.

The museum raised $3600 on the event—thanks to everyone who attended the Schoolhouse Stomp!

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