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Laurie Carter presented Emily Carrs BC

Laurie Carter presented Emily Carr's BC

Laurie Carter joined us at the museum for a presentation about her new book  “Emily Carr’s BC” on Oct 17th.

She is a travel journalist and mystery writer. The first book in her Emily Carr’s BC series (Vancouver Island) was a finalist for Best Travel Book in the North American Travel Journalists Association 2015 awards. She is also the author of Grandma Wears Hiking Boots: A Personal Guide to the Okanagan Valley and co-author (with husband Bruce Kemp) of Gifts of the Okanagan, Her travel stories and photos have appeared in publications ranging from airline magazines to tourism websites and been recognized with numerous travel media awards. Travel also features in her Taylor Kerrick Mystery Series.

This is a wonderful read and a well researched look at B.C. through Emily's eyes.  If you missed it you can watch her presention here. Thank you Laurie! 

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