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Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019

Halloween Fun was had by all at the museum this past Saturday. This year’s Halloween event at the museum was a great success. The sun was out and so were the scary costumes!  We saw over 300 visitors and over $700 was raised through donations. The site was packed with kids and whole families wearing terrific costumes. The wieners and marshmallows were roasting while trolls and witch’s blood (coffee and hot coco) were keeping cold hands warm. The museum's volunteer bakers filled the table with sweet treats. The historic houses were covered in cob webs and scary decorations. Kids had a great time at the activity table. The scary maze scared many who were brave enough to go through it. The Spooky Schoolhouse gave everyone the chills. There were also other activities all around the site that kept the little ones busy.


We would like to thank Pemberton Valley Supermarket for sponsoring this event.

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Brenda McLeod was our emcee for the costume and jack-o-lantern contests and kept everyone in line with her school bell.  Fran Cuthbert, Monique Midgley, Betty Mercer and Shawn Wallace assisted with judging.  We appreciate all the effort everyone put into their costumes and jack-o-lanterns. 

Fran was also our Scary Shopkeeper and helped register everyone for the contests.  Monique and Rolande Midgley helped keep the food table organized and made alot of hot coco.  Betty Mercer brought her world famous cookies and cupcakes. Annette Gordon and Ola Perkins brought some rat tail cupcakes (along with other goodies).  Teresa Smith, Rolande Midgley, Carmen Praine and Fran Cuthbert also brought Halloween treats for the table.

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Museum staff Teresa Smith, Katilyn Pierre, Dylan Leo and Savannah McKinney-Lincks and volunteers Lukas Joe and Chenille,  helped to make the event run smoothly and were a great help with clean up at the end of the day.  Thanks to Mae Catacutan and Ally for carving pumpkins for the event.

Thank you to everyone who came and for your enthusiasm for this event and see you next year!




Jack O Lantern Winners:

1st: Hazel Jackson, 2nd: Tyler Olfert, 3rd: Jenifer Sorensen, 


Costume Contest 2-5yr

1st: Ivor McDowall - GFL Garbage Truck, 2nd: Hazel Jackson - Scary Elsa, 3rd: Max Dunbar - ATV Truck



Costume Contest 6-9yr

1st: Paisley Struggles - Pickle, 2nd: Felix Geisler - Little Red Riding Hood, 3rd: Natalia Novotny - Unicorn


Costume Contest 10-12 yr

1st: Naomi McDermot, 2nd: Jalyon Walkerstalk


Costume Contest Family Category:

1st: Peterson Family - Magicians, 2nd: Hampshire family - Little Mermaid, 3rd: Paul Family - (Rockstar) Unicorns