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Tea and Tales Movie

Tea and Tales Tues, July 11th- Pemberton Valley 1957 - The Movie

Born 1930 in Vancouver, British Columbia during the Depression, King attended Henry Hudson Elementary School in Kitsilano. He graduated with honors from UBC with a degree in philosophy.  He worked and lived in England for several years before returning to Vancouver to work as a production assistant at the CBC.  He made several short films for TV before the breakthrough success of “Skid Row” a film about down and out men living rough on Vancouver’s poorest streets in 1956.  “Pemberton Valley 1957” and “Skid Row” were among his earliest works.  The Pemberton Valley is a lyrical look at life in rural B.C., focusing on a farm family and on the nearby First Nations settlement. These two films resonate today with their compassion and poetry.

He says he became a documentary filmmaker because, "I used to have a fantasy everyone would see my films and be changed for the better. That's why you want to make films. King was a leader of the documentary technique known as cinema-verite (truthful cinema). He ran Allan King Films Limited in Toronto. King describes his style as "actuality drama – filming the drama of everyday life as it happens, spontaneously without direction, interviews or narrative". He says he strives to "serve the action as unobtrusively as possible" and does so by becoming very familiar with the environment and people he films, by paying particular attention to movement patterns, routines and light quality.

King died from brain cancer on June 15, 2009, age 79, at his home in Toronto.

The museum will be showing “Pemberton Valley 1957” on Tuesday July 11th to kick off our Canada 150 themed Tea & Tales program.  There will be a short discussion following the film about the state of Canada and Pemberton in 1957 and we will explore why this film still resonates with Pemberton Valley residents to this day.