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BC Museums Week: Day 3 Museum Contributions

The Pemberton Museum contributes to our community in the following ways.  The museum has provided unique skill building summer employment to students since it first opened in 1982.  Today, many of our summer students are often the children of those students who worked at the museum way back in the 1980s and 1990s.

The museum provides a historical oasis for locals and tourists who are looking for a place to relax, socialize or learn new things about Pemberton and the province of BC.  The Pioneer village provides a unique experience for groups, including seniors, schools, new residents, and youth.

The museum provides a place to donate items, photos, newspaper clippings, stories, books, and artifacts belonging to loved ones or family.  Every item at the Pemberton Museum helps to tell the story of a Pemberton resident and these stories are combined on the one acre site and online.  We believe this enriches the combined memory of all those who have lived in Pemberton and District.

The museum began as an effort by the Pemberton Women's Institute, who as early as the 1950s were interested in documenting the history of the area.  The  Pemberton Pioneer Women's Committee was established and stories, photos and artifacts were collected.  Eventually, the book "Pemberton: History of a Settlement" was published in 1977.  In 1982, lands were donated from the Village of Pemberton to the newly formed Pemberton and District Museum and Archives Society.  The Miller/Shantz home, the Barney House and the Sam Jim house were donated and the museum opened to the public.

The early efforts by the Pemberton Pioneer Women's Institute have continued to be a lasting legacy for the community.  Many communities attempt to establish a community museum, but without long term community support and dedicated volunteers these efforts are often challenged over the long term.  We think Pemberton is fortunate to have a community museum and we continue to strive to ensure it is a source of community pride.  We are often told by tourists that the museum is a hidden gem they are happy to discover and we get visitors returning year after year.

Small museums across BC provide an important contribution to the social fabric and combined memory of the province of B.C., the Pemberton museum is only one example of these benefits.

P 63.2_Authorsof Pemberton

Authors of the Pemberton history book from the left:  Mary Ronayne, Frances Decker and Margaret Fougberg.