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BC Museum Week: Day 2 Museum People

The Pemberton Museum is run by the Pemberton and District Museum and Archives Society.  It is funded by a local tax requisition on an annual basis.  The annual funding provides for a Curator/Executive Director, a Museum Supervisor and summer students.  The board consists of volunteers from the museum membership.  The board assists with everything from policy development, and event committees through to the baking of homemade treats for museum events and programs.


The museum operates from May to November every year and this is the 35th year of operation.  The museum is a 1 acre site and has several historic buildings along with some modern facilities and it is arranged like a small Pioneer village.  Every day staff opens up the buildings and gets them ready for public to explore.  Staff provides guided tours for individuals and groups and host special events and programs through the season.

There is a lot of effort by staff and volunteers behind the scenes to treat and preserve items in the collection.  Work on these projects often occurs outside of the view of public.  The museum and its collection has grown through the years and the work to maintain and conserve the museum is an ongoing effort.


Nick Dan (Summer Student) and Niki Madigan (Curator) treat the Sam Jim house for mold



Sarah Daws (Summer Student) helps to catalogue items in the new general store exhibit



Curator Niki Madigan – gets the Sam Jim house ready to open to public


Mae Resize

Mae Catacutan – Museum Supervisor gives a “Super” guided tour at the museum